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May 05, 2022

ISA Training Day 18: Enjoying Cappuccino and Cake at Point Cafe, New Friend at Vessel New Gym, and First Time Playing Uno

It's been around 1 year and a half since my last post about this post series. I've been busy with my thesis so I don't have time to just update this blog. Now it's 3 days after the Eid and I think it's a perfect time to update my blog.

Alright, so it was October 18, 2018, 3 days after we move to Slavyanka and we still didn't know when is the practical part of our training will start. So, we - me, Dolo, and Jose - decided to go outside just to feel the fresh air. I forget which route we walked that day. But we ended up at a cafe at the town center named Point Cafe.

Here's our picture at the cafe.


Here are some pictures I found from the internet:

The front view of the cafe. (Source: here)

The inside view of the cafe. (Source: here)

Some menu at the wall. (Source: Here)

We talked so many things some cakes in front of us. I forget most of them, but I remember we talked so many things about our countries. Anyway, the cafe is located near Monument to the Heroes Hassan if you read my previous post.

In the afternoon, we went to the gym at the vessel. We met some crews from the vessel, I think they are technician. Their English is not that fluent (neither do I), but somehow we just talked. They are quite friendly.

In the afternoon, Dolo and Jose introduced us the card game called 'uno'. Little thing we knew, this game stuck with us for the next 2-3 months because it's so addictive and enjoyable. But, that would be a story for another day. Check all posts for this series here! See you, guys!

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