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May 06, 2022

ISA Training Day 19: Moving to RV Yuzhmorgeologiya

It was October 17, 2018. If you read my previous blog posts, during our stay in Slavyanka, we stayed at our cabins in RV Gelendzhik. We were scheduled to use RV Gelendzhik (?) as our vessel to do our practical part of our ISA training. JSC Yuzhmorgeologiya, the company, also have other RV, called RV Yuzhmorgeologiya, that has departed on October 12. I remember that RV Yuzhmorgeologiya was returned to the port because of some technical problems 2 days later. 

This is RV Gelendzhik captured by Kira from RV Yuzhmorgeologiya that returned 2 days after its departure.

Because the problems has already been solved, the RV Yuzhmorgeologiya were scheduled on the next day to depart. Because we've been in Slavyanka for almost a week and RV Gelendzhik will be departed in the next week, the plan changed. We're moved to RV Yuzhmorgeologiya so we don't have to wait any longer. 

The thing is, I've already unpacked my things, like all of the things. My suitcase has been emptied. In addition, We've been to Limonchik, one of the biggest department store in town, and I bought a lot of Indomie cup. So, I need some extra time to pack everything.

It's good that Indomie is available here. Really helped a lot during the cruise. (Source: here)

The two RVs then located next to each other and the crews made a bridge between the two. After say goodbye to everyone from RV Gelendzhik, we cross the bridge. Someone from RV Yuzhmorgeologiya greeted us and showed us which cabins we will stay. Our cabin (me and Jose) is not that different from the one in RV Gelendzhik. But check out the cabins for the ladies (Isuri & Amina and Bia & Dolo):

The interior of the cabin at RV Yuzhmorgeologiya (photo by Dolo)

It even has the desk for work (photo by Dolo).

Some toilet and bath tub inside (photo by Dolo)

 It's quite an upgrade from this cabin at RV Gelendzhik:

The cabin from RV Gelendzhik

I don't envy or complaint or anything. Because we spent most of the time at Trainee's Room anyway (that's a story for another day). We spent many times hang out at their cabin too. 

Some honorable mention is me and Jose met Vladimir and Sasha at Scientist Room. It was because we wanted to take hot water at the dining room (like we always did at RV Gelendzhik), but we got nothing there. We were told to make a hot water with water boiler at scientist room. In the scientist room, we met Vladimir (the chief of scientist) and Sasha (the scientist). We talked about our theoretical part training in Saint Petersburg. Also I knew from this meeting that Sasha is a big fan of FC Zenit after we told our visit to the stadium.

So, that's it for today. See you in the next post. Check also all posts for this series here!

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