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After started his work at the Center for Deep Sea Research last year, this researcher has a big plan for the better future of Indonesia's deep-sea research. Trying his best to achieve it. He has 5 years of experience in mineral explorations, by the way.

Currently studying the Chinese language preparation program at Tongji University and starting his geophysics master program next year. He's a big fan of Manchester United. Music, gadgets, and running never fail to make him happy.


Deepak Bhagya

Personal info

Abi Dzikri Alghifari

Mobile (ID): +(62) 81223001161
Mobile (CH): +(86) 19821238357
WeChat ID: abialghifari7
Website: www.abialghifari.com
E-mail (personal): abi.alghifari@gmail.com
E-mail (work): abid005@lipi.go.id


Know more about my past


  • 2018-now

    Researcher @ P2LD LIPI

    Field of Expertise: Geophysics

    Field of Research: Applied Geophysics

    Notable Research:

    Fe-Mn Nodules and Co-Rich Crusts Exploration at Pacific Ocean (2018-2019) -

    Sediment Analysis at North Ambon Sea,Indonesia (2018) -

    Notable Training:

    Deep-sea Minerals Exploration Training (Practical), Pacific Ocean (2018-2019) -

    Deep-sea Minerals Exploration Training (Theoretical), Russia (2018) -

  • 2016-2017

    Independent Geophysicist

    Notable Project:

    Gold Exploration using Magnetics Method at Nanga Pinoh, Kalbar (2017) -

    Burried Utility Locating using GPR Method at Jakarta, DKI Jakarta (2017) -

  • 2012-2013; 2015-2016

    Geophysicist @ Geomin Unit (Antam)

    Notable Project:

    Gold Exploration using TDIP Method at Kelantan, Malaysia (2016) -

    Bauxite Exploration using GPR Method at Tayan, Kalbar (2015) -

    Nickel Exploration using Resistivity Method at Buli, Malut (2013) -

    Gold Exploration using Magnetics Method at Oksibil, Papua (2012) -


  • 2020-2023

    Tongji University (Geophysics Master Program)

  • 2019-2020

    Tongji University (Chinese language preparation course)

  • 2007-2012

    Universitas Gadjah Mada (Geophysics bachelor program)

    Notable Organization:

    - Himpunan Mahasiswa Geofisika [HMGF UGM] (2007-2012)

    - Society of Exploration Geophysicicst (SEG) Student Chapter (2007-2012)

  • 2004-2007

    MAN Yogyakarta II (Science)

    Notable Organization:

    - Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja (2004-2007)

    - Pramuka (2004-2005)

  • 2001-2004

    MTs YAPIN Kertasemaya

    Notable Organization:

    - Pramuka (2001-2002)

    - Palang Merah Remaja (2002-2003)

Skills & Things about me

Project Managing
Mineral Prospecting, Environmental, & Geotechnical Survey
Data Acquisition & Processing
Resistivity, TDIP, CS-AMT, Magnetics, Gravity, & GPR Data
Data Interpretation & Reporting
Resistivity, TDIP, CS-AMT, Magnetics, Gravity, & GPR Data


Projects Portfolio, Gadget, Music Review, Manchester United, & Life

October 15, 2020

ISA Training Day 17: Enjoying A Lovely Beach in Baklan Bay with Scientists from RV Gelendzhik

As usual, that Monday was a sunny day in Slavyanka. The scientist team from RV Gelendzhik invited us for a little vacation to one beach in the south of the city. Of course, we agreed without even thinking twice. The beach itself is not a part of the Slavyanskiy Gulf in the west where our vessel located. It's a part of Baklan Bay in the south. Bruysa Cape separates Slavyanskiy Gulf and Baklan Bay. There's a beautiful lighthouse in the cape, but we didn't have time to visit there.

The trainees and the scientist from the RV Gelendzhik in one frame at the beach. (Photo by Irina)

We went there in the afternoon. It's around 4 km from the shipyard, but it would be taking so much time if we walk, so we decided to order two cars for us to get there. Although the road is not wide, has many turns, and with hilly contour, I gotta admit that the asphalt is really smooth. Around 10 minutes later, we arrived at the beach.

The beach is nice. The water is clear. The sand is soft. The wive is not big. The wind is not that strong. Ah, one more: it's really clean! And not many people at that time. So, it's perfect! I was going to swim there, but I didn't feel like to do it the second I touched the water. It was really cold. Alright, here are the pictures that we took there.

Look how clear the water is. You can see Antipenko and Sibiryakova Island in the distance. (Photo by me)

Bruysa Cape in the east. (Photo by me)

Hilly contour on the north. (Photo by me)

Klerka Cape on the southwest. (Photo by me)

We walked to the west part until we met a river with a delta river in the middle. We took a selfie with that background. In addition, I took Bia's picture doing his pose in the middle of the delta with a burst mode. I gave you the best photo.

The delta river. (Photo by me)

Our selfie with the delta as the background. (Photo by me)

Patrick, is that you? (Photo by me)

Perfect pose, Bia! (Photo by me)

We ate at the small restaurant on the beachside. We were eating, talking, and dancing. I remember Irina talked to us that we'll be on the cruise for months and they are happy that we are coming with them. We just met for a couple of days, but we were like family already.

Our preparation before the meal. (Photo by Isuri)

Another photo on the table. (Photo by Isuri)

The dancing. Look how happy we were. (photo by me)

The decision was easily changing at that time. We didn't know if we will use RV Gelendzhik with them or will come with other scientists with RV Yuzhmorgeologiya that was still in repair. However, we didn't worry much about that. We knew that we have to live in the moment. And that's what we did at that time. No worry, just enjoy the moment.

What happened next? No. I'm not going to spoil our next story here. So, stay tuned for the next post and make sure to read the other stories from this post series on this link: http://www.abialghifari.com/2020/10/isa-training-story-complete-list.html. 

ISA Training Day 16: Safety Induction and Walk Around in Slavyanka

I woke up that morning after a quite good sleep. After breakfast, we went around the ship to do safety induction. We were introduced to important matters on board by the ship captain himself. One of them is the lifebuoy, which is a small cabin that functions as a temporary shelter when the ship is damaged. Inside there is navigation equipment, safety equipment such as buoys, and most importantly food. The food was simple enough, like biscuits, but enough to survive in it while waiting for help to arrive.

Our research vessel "RV Gelendzhik" that is planned to take us to the Pacific Ocean. (Photo by me)

We're inside the lifebuoy during safety induction. (Photo by me)

Another explanation regarding vessel safety equipment. (Photo by me)

After that, we went outside the vessel. My first impression of Slavyanka was it's a quiet small town. For someone who lives in a populated city or country, Slavyanka is really quiet. The town is really clean though. We went to a traditional market. I think it's not a permanent market, I guess it's not every day that market open. I bought two t-shirts and some underwear. It's really cheap with good quality. 

We took a selfie before went to the town. (Photo by Bia)
This is the market. You can find so many clothes here. (Photo by Dolo)

Even meat. Look how clean the market is. (Photo by Bia)

Just 100 meters to the north, there's this monument called "Памятник героям Хасана" or "Monument to the Heroes Hassan". The monument is made as a memorial for 960 armies that killed during a conflict with Japanese troops that occupied that area in 1938. 

Monument to the Heroes Hassan. (Photo by Jose)

Then we went to "Stals" Shopping center. The clothing you can find here is fancier but pricier. 

"Stals" Shopping Center.

There's no wifi on the vessel before departing, but we need to contact our family. So, after lunch, we decided to buy a new SIM card. For 500 rubles or USD 9 (2018 currency rate), we got an unlimited data plan. That's really cheap. The bad thing is you can't do tethering to your laptop or other devices. So, you're stuck with the internet on your phone. But still, 9 bucks is extremely cheap. From there, we went to the Limonchik supermarket. I was surprised that I found Indomie noodles in that supermarket. I bought all the stocks on the shelf. The cruise will be long, so I think it would be better for me if I have something familiar with me.

In the evening, we got news from Rubel that he just arrived in his country. We took a selfie and send it to him, Artyom, and Natalia on the WhatsApp group.

Our selfie in the cabin. (Photo by Dolo)

That's it for today. See you in the next post. Read the other stories from this post series on this link: http://www.abialghifari.com/2020/10/isa-training-story-complete-list.html

ISA Training Day 15: Vladivostok, Here We Come! Our First Encounter with RV Gelendzhik

Our flight arrived at Vladivostok International Airport at around 3 in the afternoon. It was a sunny day in Vladivostok. Don't be fooled by the clear sky though. It's still cool for me, around 10-15 Celcius degrees, I guessed.

The blue sky above Vladivostok International Airport when we arrived that afternoon. (Photo by me)

After everything was okay, Tatyana ordered a car that will bring us to the place where the vessel for our practical training will depart. Then the car came. We were shocked that the car is really small. We have 7 people and many suitcases. It won't be enough. We told her that we need one more car, otherwise only for the suitcases alone, it won't fit. The solution was we still ordered only one car, but bigger. It is still too cramped for us, but we didn't have any choice. 

Look how many suitcases we had and how small the car was. (Photo by Bia)

Our destination is Slavyanka, a small town located 80 km southwest of Vladivostok. Yeah, it was only 80 km. However, the Amursky Zaliv (or Amur Bay) and the unsmooth morphology made us spending around 3 hours with 155 km of distance. Not that I'm complaining, but sitting 3 hours in a small space was not a good experience. The unfriendly driver and how rough he drove the car also made it worse.

At 6.30 we arrived at Slavyanka. The car stopped in front of ПАО " Славянский СРЗ" (Славянский судоремонтный завод). Yup. You got me! Of course, I found the name on google maps. I'm not gonna remember that long name. It's called PJSC "Slavyanskiy Shipyard" in English by the way, or simply we can call it Slavyanskiy Shipyard. It's the place where our vessel, RV Gelendzhik, was located. 

We waited for around 30 minutes for document checking reasons. After that, we're allowed to come in. We're still walking around 750 meters to see our ship. We're really tired at that time. Luckily some crews helped us to bring our suitcases to our cabins. 

The blurred image of our walk inside the shipyard. (Photo by me)

Thank you, guys! I'll save the story about Slavyanka for the next post. So, stay tuned.

Read the other stories from this post series on this link: http://www.abialghifari.com/2020/10/isa-training-story-complete-list.html

October 13, 2020

ISA Training Story: The Complete List

Hi, guys! This is the list of my post series of the day-by-day stories during the training held by the International Seabed Authority (ISA) and JSC Yuzhmorgeologiya. The story begins in Saint Petersburg, Rusia on September 29, 2018 (day 1), and ended in Panama City after 111 days. Click on the post title post for that day's story.

Day 9 at Gazprom Arena

ISA Training Day 1: Greeted by the Chill of Saint Petersburg's Autumn Breeze

ISA Training Day 2: Sunday City Wandering to New Holland Island

ISA Training Day 3: Registration, Day 1 Training, and Pass through Ulitsa Repina in the Afternoon

ISA Training Day 4: A Chance to Look (and touch!) Mammoth Tusk and Fancy Dinner at Kvartirka Cafe

ISA Training Day 5: Visiting Kazan Cathedral and Church of the Savior on the Spilled Blood by the Griboyedova Canal

ISA Training Day 6: Feeling the Freezing Temperature at Monument to the Fighters of the Revolution with an Eternal Flame

ISA Training Day 7: Tight Schedule Ended by Delicious Dinner at Sunny Georgia

ISA Training Day 8: Goods Hunting at the Udelnaya Flea Market

ISA Training Day 9: Enjoy History at the Hermitage Museum and Exciting Zenit FC Match at Gazprom Arena!

ISA Training Day 10: Visiting the Mining Museum of Saint Petersburg Mining University on a Sunny Day!

ISA Training Day 11: Geophysics Day!

ISA Training Day 12: Visiting Polar Marine Geosurvey Expedition and Peterhof Palace

ISA Training Day 13: The Last (Training) Day at Saint Petersburg, Zenit FC Jersey, and Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge after midnight

ISA Training Day 14: Moving Day!

ISA Training Day 15: Vladivostok, Here We Come! Our First Encounter with RV Gelendzhik

ISA Training Day 16: Safety Induction and Walk Around in Slavyanka

ISA Training Day 17: Enjoying A Lovely Beach in Baklan Bay with Scientists from RV Gelendzhik

I'll update this page right after I make a new post in this series. Make sure to bookmark this page and check this page regularly. Thank you, guys!

October 12, 2020

ISA Training Day 14: Moving Day!

It was an emotional day for us. Two weeks' stay in that beautiful city came to end.  No. We're not going back to our countries. Excluding Rubel, we're going to do our second part of the training. It's called Practical Training. Rubel has done the practical part, by the way. He did it the previous year. Our next destination is Vladivostok. Still in Russia, but this is on the other side. The east side, close to the Korean border. The plan is from there we will come with a research vessel to go to the Pacific Ocean to participate in the second part of the training.

The scene I captured on the plane that took us to Vladivostok. (Photo by me)

Let's talk that morning first. We went to the University to get the certificate. The rector itself gave it to us. But before that, Dr. Georgy Cherkasov and the rector gave some messages to us.

Dr. Georgy Cherkasov gave a farewell message to us. Taken by Artyom. (Photo by Rubel)

Me after getting the certificate. (Photo by Rubel)

The photo after we got the certificate.

In the afternoon, the taxi driver drove us to the airport. Artyom stayed, but Tatyana (Mom) came with us to Vladivostok. She is the person in charge of us during the training. 

Bia, Dolo, Amina, and Isuri in one car with many suitcases on their way to the airport. (Photo by Bia)

Pulkovo Airport, our silent witness for the first and the last day of our visit.

Another scene from that flight. That crescent moon was beautiful. (Photo by me)

An aerial view before our flight landed at Moscow to transit. (Photo by Dolo)

We transitted for some hours in Moscow and then continued again to Vladivostok at that night. That was two weeks full of amazing experiences in Saint Petersburg. Hopefully, someday I can come again to that city. 

That's it. Our story for the first part of the training in Saint Petersburg. It's been a good two weeks for me to write this story after two years since the training itself happened. Looking at old photos and videos during that time made me miss everything. Should I continue to write for the second part? 

Read the other stories from this post series on this link: http://www.abialghifari.com/2020/10/isa-training-story-complete-list.html

October 11, 2020

ISA Training Day 13: The Last (Training) Day at Saint Petersburg, Zenit FC Jersey, and Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge after midnight

The fourth day of the second week was started by a lecture from Dr. Georgy Chrekasov about the exploration methods and exploitation approach. This lecture explained about exploration methods used for deep-sea mineral, not only the methods that have been already known such as multibeam echosounder from the vessel, deep-towed side-scan sonar, and near-bottom profiling with MAPR, but also the new methods such as the use of profiling seismic for defining the internal structure of the SMS deposits. Really interesting!

Our last walk to VNIIOkeangeologia. (Photo by me)

The second lecture, Subaquatic Gas Hydrates, was given by Dr. Tatiana Matveeva. This lecture explained all information about gas hydrates, started with the definition and ended with gas hydrates exploration. Completely new information for me.

The next lecture, Legal Aspect of Exploration and Exploitation of Marine Minerals, was given by Livia Ermakova. This lecture explained the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982, the formation of the International Seabed Authority, and its regulation. The last lecture, Marine Sediments Study for Paleoreconstructions, was given by Darya Elkina. This lecture talked all about the reconstruction of the past from the study of marine sediment, started with paleomagnetism, methodology, and ended with a case study of deep-water sediments in the Arctic Ocean. Too heavy for me but interesting nonetheless.

After the class, I, accompanied by Rubel, went to Nevsky Prospect. There's this shop called Zenit Arena. This official shop sells everything about Zenit FC. I bought that year's jersey, a mug, a cap, and a thermos. That was my biggest spending during my time at Saint Petersburg. But that was worth it. This also marked my new tradition to buy a football jersey during my visit to a new city.

This is the 2018-19 Zenit FC jersey. (Photo by me)

The front look of the jersey. (Photo by me)

After midnight, Dolo, Jose, and Bia went to Neva River. They want to take a picture of the rising of Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge. This rising allows the vessells to pass through the other side of the river. Here are some photos taken by Dolo and Jose.

Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge during the rising after midnight. (Photo by Dolo)

This is Jose's version.

Bia, Jose, and Dolo on that night. And the iconic apple from Peterhof Palace! (Photo by Bia) 

Looking at the pictures that they took made me regret that I didn't go with them that night. Maybe next time when I have time to go again to that beautiful city?

Read the other stories from this post series on this link: http://www.abialghifari.com/2020/10/isa-training-story-complete-list.html


What can I do

Mineral Prospecting Survey

Mineral exploration, such us gold, bauxite, and nickel using geophysical methods.

Notable Project: Gold Exploration using TDIP Method at Kelantan, Malaysia (2016).

Environmental Survey

Geophysical Survey for envoironmental purpose, such as groundwater exploration and groundwater contamination investigation.

Notable Project: Groundwater Exploration using Resistivity VES Method at Lebak, Banten (2014).

Geotechnical Survey

Geophysical Survey for geotechnical purpose, such as utility locating (e.g.: burried pipeline) and bedrock depth locating for building construction purpose

Notable Project: Burried uitility locating at Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta (2017)


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