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After started his work at the Center for Deep Sea Research last year, this researcher has a big plan for the better future of Indonesia's deep-sea research. Trying his best to achieve it. He has 5 years of experience in mineral explorations, by the way.

Currently studying the Chinese language preparation program at Tongji University and starting his geophysics master program next year. He's a big fan of Manchester United, even in the club's currently lowest situation. Music, gadgets, and running never fail to make him happy.


Deepak Bhagya

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Abi Dzikri Alghifari

Mobile (ID): +(62) 81223001161
Mobile (CH): +(86) 19821238357
WeChat ID: abialghifari7
Website: www.abialghifari.com
E-mail (personal): abi.alghifari@gmail.com
E-mail (work): abid005@lipi.go.id


Know more about my past


  • 2018-now

    Researcher @ P2LD LIPI

    Field of Expertise: Geophysics

    Field of Research: Applied Geophysics

    Notable Research:

    Fe-Mn Nodules and Co-Rich Crusts Exploration at Pacific Ocean (2018-2019) -

    Sediment Analysis at North Ambon Sea,Indonesia (2018) -

    Notable Training:

    Deep-sea Minerals Exploration Training (Practical), Pacific Ocean (2018-2019) -

    Deep-sea Minerals Exploration Training (Theoretical), Russia (2018) -

  • 2016-2017

    Independent Geophysicist

    Notable Project:

    Gold Exploration using Magnetics Method at Nanga Pinoh, Kalbar (2017) -

    Burried Utility Locating using GPR Method at Jakarta, DKI Jakarta (2017) -

  • 2012-2013; 2015-2016

    Geophysicist @ Geomin Unit (Antam)

    Notable Project:

    Gold Exploration using TDIP Method at Kelantan, Malaysia (2016) -

    Bauxite Exploration using GPR Method at Tayan, Kalbar (2015) -

    Nickel Exploration using Resistivity Method at Buli, Malut (2013) -

    Gold Exploration using Magnetics Method at Oksibil, Papua (2012) -


  • 2020-2023

    Tongji University (Geophysics Master Program)

  • 2019-2020

    Tongji University (Chinese language preparation course)

  • 2007-2012

    Universitas Gadjah Mada (Geophysics bachelor program)

    Notable Organization:

    - Himpunan Mahasiswa Geofisika [HMGF UGM] (2007-2012)

    - Society of Exploration Geophysicicst (SEG) Student Chapter (2007-2012)

  • 2004-2007

    MAN Yogyakarta II (Science)

    Notable Organization:

    - Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja (2004-2007)

    - Pramuka (2004-2005)

  • 2001-2004

    MTs YAPIN Kertasemaya

    Notable Organization:

    - Pramuka (2001-2002)

    - Palang Merah Remaja (2002-2003)

Skills & Things about me

Project Managing
Mineral Prospecting, Environmental, & Geotechnical Survey
Data Acquisition & Processing
Resistivity, TDIP, CS-AMT, Magnetics, Gravity, & GPR Data
Data Interpretation & Reporting
Resistivity, TDIP, CS-AMT, Magnetics, Gravity, & GPR Data


Projects Portfolio, Gadget, Music Review, Manchester United, & Life

May 13, 2020

Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear Album (2019) Review

It's been a long time since I feel really moved by all songs in one whole album. This album by Dermot Kennedy is one of them.

Dermot Kennedy - Without Fear Album

I've been knowing Dermot since around 2016 when he was performing his own rendition of Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud. It was a great cover. I was thinking that his voice is really good and I believed that this singer will go somewhere. Fast forward 4 years later, here I am writing his debut studio album, Without Fear, that released last year.

1. An Evening I Will Not Forget
This slow-tempo song portrays a guy that is "feeling deep blue". He's in love with one girl. But, the girl that he loved was in other guy's arm. In one evening, this girl came to him with her broken heart. He's trying to make her forget about what happened. He unpreparedly told his feeling to the girl. She ran away. Another one way love, but he still in love with her no matter what.

2. All My Friends
This song is about looking back to the past. This nostalgia feeling is triggered by realizing that sometimes we can't keep someone in our live, regardless how hard we've tried. Dermot reflects how different live would've been if he can be together with someone that used to be with him.

3. Power Over Me
This song shows how powerful Dermot's voice is. Strong drum is one of features in this song that makes you shakes your head. Lyrically, this songs tell how it feels to be in spell of a girl that we love. in a good way. Unfortunately, the girl didn't know that he made a lot of impacts to the guy. The guy wants her to know that she got a power over him.

4. What have I Done
Oh, God! This is beautiful song. One of my favorite song in this album. A song about a thought of a guy that he would better of alone. Now that he has found his soulmate, he is in love this time. My favorite part of this song is the bridge: "Ever since the other night, I've been//Thinking 'bout the way you smile golden//Wanna move inside of your light." This part always got me.

5. Moments Passed
The uniqueness of this song is the loop of Dermot's vocal in the intro and outro. He never say about the lyric of this part. My interpretation of this song is sometimes our love doesn't guarantee the one who we love will love us back. If this happened, instead of drowned in sorrowfulness, it be better to just be grateful that we can feel how great to fall in love is. Move on without resentment.

6. The Corner
You've been in love with a girl. Instead with you, this girl has been lived out her love with another guy. How do you feel if you knew that the only thing that guy gave her is coldness? You know that you can offer her 'the corner' to keep her from the cold, but she's too afraid with it. This song is about that feeling. "Let me keep you from the cold," Dermot said.

7. Lost
As the title suggest, this song is about someone that has been lost. Until one day, someone came to his/her life. Then life made them apart. It's because life is full of uncertainty. We can try to plan something. In the end, the only sure thing is we can learn from it. That can happen with love as well. Sometimes love we deserve is love we never find. Through this song, Dermot tried to reminisce the one that helped him.

8. Rome
This song is musically simple. Piano is the main instrument you can hear. Don't make this simplicity fool you, though. Dermot will take you experience a nostalgic ride of past love with this song. We can feel the happiness of the best time with our loved one. Midnight drive together with Rome below us? A song we always sing together? Do you remember all of that? And then we feel bitterness because now we're not together. You know that you're still in love and wanna be there again.

9. Outnumbered
Have you ever fell in love with someone but distance makes you apart? Then you never have a courage to tell her what you feel. You know that this girl's soul is really unique, made of chaos and art, that you can't forget. You can see the girl's beauty that she can't see. When something when wrong, you only can console her that whenever she feel outnumbered, you'll be out there somewhere. This song successfully describe about that. Musically, this is a relatively instrument-rich song. I believe everyone will like Dermot's rasping voice and the song beat here.

10. Dancing Under Red Skies
This song always give me a surprise feeling, no matter how many times I heard it. The violin at the chorus and the bridge part, added with back vocal, always give me a peaceful feeling. You can agree more with me if you dive into the lyrics. The song is about a lightheartedness when your love is reciprocated. Everything just feels right. Nobody, I repeat, nobody ever got your soul right like she could. She can play your part, even when you're dealing with darknesses.

11. Outgrow
This song is about decision in life. Sometimes you have two options in life and you can't just compromise them to be together: your own dream and your love life. You want to choose the love life but you're too afraid that the one you love will outgrow you and ruin your dream. And then you choose your dream and you realize that this decision let you down. That's life.

12. Redemption
I know I've done a wrong things. I know I've lied before. But they are all in the past. Now that I'm a better person, would you let me to make a redemption to you? Would you let me to never leave you again? That's what Dermot tried to say through this song.

13. Without Fear
This whole album is named after this song. It successfully lives up to my expectation. This song is really quite and slow tempo in the first half, but wait until the second part. The violin will take you somewhere. The lyrics doesn't disappoint either. You can feel how beautiful the lyrics is. It tells about a heart that has been hollowing for a long time. Suddenly you see a girl stepped in. You feel like she's heaven-sent, because she can make your empty heart can feel love again. Dermot wants us to fight for it without fear.

Beautiful lyric, lovely voice, and attractive beat are the main recipe for this album. And it works. I'll never get enough of listening this album. I can tell that Dermot write this album with his whole heart. The way he sing it, I can feel the way he feels. I hope one day I can watch him live.

October 31, 2019

ThrowbackThursday: Halloween Party in the Middle of Pacific Ocean!

Being in the middle of nowhere (read: inside the vessel in the Pacific Ocean) for a long time didn't stop us from having fun. Exactly one year ago today, I was in the most horrible and most well-prepared party I've ever been to. 
Scientist team and the crew on the research vessel after the party. (Back [Left to right]: Anatoliy, Tatyana, Jose, Amina, Me, Isuri, Bia, Dima; Front [Left to right]: Vladimir, Dolo, Yuriy, Kira, Sasha. Not on the scene: Sergey and Georgiy
I look happy in the photo. But, trust me, 15 minutes before that I was scared as hell. Even after we ate and drank a lot after that, I couldn't get rid of the image of Yuriy's head came out from the box. Do you see my name at the name tag on the table? Yes, I was sitting on that seat and Yuriy was hiding right on my left. I could sleep at 1 pm that night after that, only to have a scary dream that I was in the middle of the wildwood alone. I felt lost. And then I was relieved that I knew that it was only a dream. I opened my eyes and then I realized that I couldn't move my body. Yes, it was sleep paralysis. And you know the most scared thing about the sleep paralysis? It's hard for me to just breathe and the only thing I can control was my eyes. You know what? I saw 'pocong' in front of me. You can google it. It's an Indonesian ghost. And we're not even in Indonesian territory. It should be the ghost from the Pacific Ocean. But, no. It was "pocong". I was screaming as loud as I could. I told Jose, my roommate, about that the next day. He didn't hear anything and he slept on the bed, only 2 meters away from me (I slept on the bench that night).

Okay, back to the Halloween party itself. The preparation was excellent. The scientist team has been prepared a lot of things. The costume was astonishing (in a scary way). Even they made a note as a teaser and put it on the door of the trainees' workroom. And they updated it every day! As an answer to the teaser, we tried our best to prepare the costume and we put our note too so they couldn't see our works. Yes, we made voodoo dolls of the scientist team. It should be 9, but we only managed to make 5 of them.

The teaser note on the door
The updated version of the teaser note and our answer.
The voodoo dolls.
Salute to them. They're all out with the costumes and makeup. And here is one of their preparation photos.

Sasha and Kira was puting the make up on Dima.
So, around 7.30 PM Tatyana and Sergey brought us to the Geological Lab. When we entered the lab, it was quite dark. Only lights from the small lamps on the wall guided us to our chairs. We saw someone was sitting on the chair with his (or her[?], we're still not sure) head wrapped up and the hands were tied up to the chair. After we sat, Sergey untied the straps and opened the bag from the head. It was Dima. Laughing like Joker. We're shocked by his laugh.

And it's just the beginning. But I forget the order, but more scary things were coming. Kira with its Japanese ghost costume (gave me goosebumps), Vladimir with the crazy operation doctor's costume and his handpieces (it was gross!), Anatoliy with its psychopath costumes (yes, like in the movie), and Sasha with its mummy costumes (same as my costumes, but scarier). The scariest among them was, of course, Yuriy. The timing was just so right. We're all shocked. And the makeup was just perfect.

Yuriy's head!!!
Kira was just very deep with her acting (right-bottom).
Another picture after the scariest scene.

Okay, that's it. It was my first Halloween party, and I was impressed with everything. One of the best moments. See you on the next post!

October 12, 2019

Living In Shanghai: The First 30 Days.

If you never knew that I'm currently living outside Indonesia because I rarely posted it on my social media, then yes, I'm in Shanghai right now.  I got a scholarship called the Marine Scholarship of China which is under the Chinese Government Scholarship. This allows me to pursue my Geophysics master program at Tongji University, Shanghai. Because of my lack of Chinese language capability, I have to study Chinese language preparation and have to pass HSK 4, kind of IELTS/TOEFL but for the Chinese language, at the end of this academic year. Okay, enough for the introduction.

I came to Tongji University on September 12, 2019, in the morning. Yes, it's today a month ago. Here's the summary of my first 30 days here.

Tongji University Main Boulevard.

There's no something wrong with your language setting on your phone or your computer. '汉语 (hanyu)' means 'Chinese language' and '不太难 (bu tai nan)' means 'not too difficult'. If we combine them, '汉语不太难' means 'Chinese language is not too difficult'.

This semester I will learn Elementary Comprehensive Chinese, Oral Chinese, Listening Chinese, and Chinese Character. Besides that, I chose Calligraphy class as my optional class. By the way, I came late after 2 weeks' class has been started. That's why the first two weeks are the hardest for me, but, thank god, I finally caught up in the third week. So far, I still can not distinguish how to pronounce j, q, x, ch, z, c, s, and zh. And yes, THE TONES! IT HAS 4 FU****G TONES! I have to figure out how to deal with the tones. Here are some pictures from my class.

老师 (laoshi) or teacher is teaching us in Chinese Character Class
A restaurant scene from our team consist of me, Bui Minh Quan, and Jiwayria in Elementary Comprehensive Class.

Interesting explanation in Calligraphy Class

Friends from different countries
One of some advantages of study abroad is we can make a lot of friends from various countries. Here are the most notable moments with my friends:
Sushant (from Nepal), Amir (Pakistan), Me, and Kamil (Pakistan) are having dinner in our favourite restaurant near campus.
Faisal (Indonesia) Mu'ad (Yemen/Saudi), Me, Kamil, Dasha (Russia), Molly (Nigeria), Nina (Serbia), and Sophea (Cambodia) are having a night out at Lujiazui
Jimmy (Brunei), Me, Faiz (Malaysia), and Fasial are having lunch in Indonesian Food Restaurant called Bali Bistro

Wijit (Thailand), Guvanch (Turkmenistan), Me, Yhlas (Turkmenistan), and Gurban (Turkmenistan, not on the scene) are hanging out in front of the highest building in China.

Okay, enough for today. I will add another story in the next post.

July 23, 2019

MU Tour 2019: The Closest Gap Between Me and Manchester United Players!

It’s two days after I came back from Singapore and I still can’t believe that I did it. This was the best experience so far for me as a fan of Manchester United. A month before, I was at the point where the schedule was at the same time with Indonesian Continental Margin Survey schedule that I would be joining. Eventually, the survey was delayed. Even after that, I was still not sure to come to Singapore because one of my favorite band, Travis, perform at the same night on WeTheFest 2019 in Jakarta. At the end of the day, I chose Manchester United and I didn’t regret any times and money I spent on it. And yeah, finally I realized that this journey to Singapore was more than about football.

The atmosphere before kickoff!!!
I arrived at 9 in the morning and I just realized that this was the first time I went abroad alone. I know, I went to Saint Petersburg last year alone from Jakarta. But then I met Amina when my plane was transited in Doha and we’re picked up by Artyom and Natali when we arrived there. So, this was the first time I have to arrange everything. So, this was my itinerary: Merlion Park, Masjid Sultan, Bugis Junction, and National Stadium.

Marina Boulevard

Selfie in front of (besides, actually!) Merlion statue.
After buying a local SIM Card, I went down from arrival gate Terminal 3 Changi Airport to MRT Station. I bought a tourist pass card from the Kiosk machine there. I think it’s a good deal. I chose 2-days pass with only SGD 16. It’s a free pass to use every public transportation, such as MRT, LRT, bus service. Yes, it’s unlimited. Please note that there’s additional SGD 10 for the deposit that we can refund after we finished using it.

The gate to Masjid Sultan
It took around 50 minutes from Changi Airport MRT Station to Raffles Place MRT Station. From there, I walked around 10 minutes to Merlion Park. The reason I chose this as the first destination is that it is a Singapore landmark. You are considered to have visited Singapore if you have visited this place. After around 10 minutes of taking photos and selfies, I decided to move to another destination. It’s still around 12.10 and Dhuhur time’s still coming yet, so I decided to go to Bugis Junction first.
Bugis Junction is a shopping mall located at Victoria Street. The access is quite easy, only 2 stops away using MRT (East-West Line) from Merlion Park. I love how connected every place in Singapore is. I exited from the station and the next 10 steps I was already inside the mall. I directly ran into the 2nd floor and entered a shop called Premiere Football. Yeah, you already knew what it went next: a 2019/2020 Manchester United Home Jersey with my name and number 7 behind it was already in my hand in the next 30 minutes.

After lunch at one of the nice restaurant inside the mall, I walked around 600 meters to Masjid Sultan. It’s very lovely to walk around this city: wide pedestrian, well organized-traffic, and tourist-friendly signs. I met a lot of Manchester United fans from Indonesia there. I greeted them, and it was a fun thing to have a conversation using your language outside your country. I came with them after praying. We went to a lunch place in the Bugis area. It was like a cafeteria, and the food price was way lower than from the mall one. I already ate so I ordered ice tea. We talked a lot about Manchester United and everything else.

We wanted to try another transportation mode, so we decided to use a bus to go to the National Stadium. So, yeah. It was nice. I was able to see more from the city. We got off the bus at the nearest stop from the stadium. From there, we met another Manchester United fan group from various countries. When we were trying to make a group photo, there’s a teenager approaching us and offering us to take our photo. Suddenly I was amazed by how everyone there was united by one thing: football.

National Stadium
At 6.30 PM, we entered the stadium. It was one hour before the kickoff but the atmosphere was spectacular. The fans were getting more energetic when the players came in to do a training session. My seat was behind the goal, so I saw De Gea doing training with another player. I was not able to express my feeling with words how happy I was that my dream came true. I knew that I haven’t had an opportunity to shake their hands, but trust me, it’s enough to make it one of the greatest feeling I’ve ever had.

Training before the kickoff.
The next 90 minutes were intense. Man United had more pressure on the first half but still didn’t quite enough to score the goal. Some Inter Milan’s counter-attack was dangerous, but I like how well Man United defensive line managed it, especially Aroon Wan-Bissaka. This guy was so extraordinary. There’s a time Man United lose a ball, and Inter’s winger already took a counter-attack. I saw Wan-Bissaka was left behind the player with a significant distance. You know what, he ran with impressive speed and was able to catch up with the player. He even managed to slide him with the cleanest and beautiful clearance I’ve ever seen. Wow!

The best part of the match was, of course, the goal from Mason Greenwood at 76th minutes. It was a beautiful goal. It’s started with a free kick taken by Young. It was very good actually, but luckily the Inter’s goalkeeper, Handanovic, successfully punched it to the left side. However, Greenwood was there and after passing the defender he kicked the ball to the right area of the goal. The goalkeeper was not able to save it and, yeah you know the rest. The supporters that mostly Man United fans celebrated. The atmosphere was f****ng stunning!!! The other player that worth noted was Tahith Chong. The movement was splendid. He was even injured by Inter’s player and had to be subbed by Gomes at 92nd minutes.

A moment when Mason Greenwood kicked the ball and became a goal!
At 9.30 I already left the stadium and went to the hostel. I thought the day already ended as I was already sleepy when I arrived at the hostel. Then I met another Man United fan from Indonesia and we’re talking until 1 a.m. We talked about Man United, about the journey around Indonesia, and our dream to go to Old Trafford one day.

Woke up at 8.30 am and went to the airport in the next hour. Still can’t believe that this just happened.

March 10, 2019

[Review] Arctic Monkeys - AM [2013]: Album that changed my opinion about rock music.

I have never been a big fan of rock music. Maybe only one band with considered rock music in my playlist: Daughtry. But I think they don't have a pure rock genre music. Daughtry is a band with combined music genre, between rock, country, folk, and pop. Or maybe the first album of Travis, Good Feeling. Although I like the second until the last album of them (they changed the genre to pop) better than the first album. After listening to this AM album by Arctic Monkeys (Thanks to Sasha for introduce me with 'R U Mine?' song in this album), maybe I have to change my opinion about rock music: I like it!

AM album art showed on Sony Walkman NW-A26 and Xperia XZ1

The first song of the album, Do I Wanna Now, is opened with solo drum by Matt Helders. Guitar and bass by Jamie Cook and Nick O'Malley followed after several seconds. Alex Turner on vocal showed up after that. Lyrically, this song is about the pain of loving someone you can't have.

'R U Mine?' is my most favorite song in this album. Actually, this song is the first song I heard from this album. Sasha Akulov made me hear this song when we were in one of a cozy cafe in Panama City. Each music elements in this song are very powerful, vocal and backing vocals complement each other, the combination of guitar, bass, and a drum made my head shake even without me noticing it.

'One for the Road' is opened with the vocal. It amazed me how the vocal and backing vocals are singing almost simultaneously throughout the song. I like the melodic guitar at the end of 'Arabella'. 'I Want It All' emphasize each music instruments alternately: bass and electric guitar in the beginning and melodic guitar and bass in the second half of the song. "No. 1 Party Anthem" and "Mad Sound" are more ballad. Naturally, both songs are more friendly for me. "Fireside" sounds unique with its drum and piano. 

"Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?" is similar with 'One for the Road' when it comes vocal and backing vocals. I like the clap sound in the middle of "Snap Out of It" and its piano addition in the bridge part of it. There's no special thing on Knee Socks except 3D sound effect at the end of the song. 'I Wanna Be Yours' is a simple song but the chorus is so catchy that I can't resist singing at that part. This album is closed with '2013', with a slow tempo at the beginning and faster tempo at the end.

This album is recommended to listen. Try to listen 'R U Mine?' first and you will love all parts of this album.

Gue bukan termasuk penggemar musik rock. Mungkin hanya satu band dengan musik rock di playlist gue: Daughtry. Tapi gue pikir musik mereka juga gak murni rock. Daughtry adalah band dengan genre musik gabungan rock, country, folk, dan pop. Atau mungkin album pertama Travis, Good Feeling. Meskipun gue lebih suka album kedua sampai terakhir mereka (mereka mengubah genre menjadi pop pada album kedua) daripada album pertama (yang bergenre rock). Setelah mendengarkan album AM oleh Arctic Monkeys ini, mungkin gue harus mengubah pendapat saya tentang musik rock: gue menyukainya!

Lagu pertama dari album, Do I Wanna Now, dibuka dengan solo drum oleh Matt Helders diikuti oleh gitar dan bass oleh Jamie Cook dan Nick O'Malley beberapa detik kemudian. Alex Turner pada vokal muncul setelah itu. Lirik lagu ini adalah tentang rasa sakit mencintai seseorang yang tidak dapat dimiliki.

'R U Mine?' adalah lagu paling favorit gue di album ini. Sebenarnya lagu ini adalah lagu pertama yang gue dengar dari album ini. Sasha Akulov, teman saintis gue selama pelayaran kemarin,  menyodorkan lagu ini ketika kami berada di salah satu kafe yang nyaman di Panama City. Setiap elemen musik dalam lagu ini sangat kuat, vokal dan backing vokal saling melengkapi satu sama lain, kombinasi gitar, bass, dan drum tanpa gue sadari membuat kepala gue mengikuti alunannya.

'One for the Road' dibuka dengan vokal. Gue dibuat terkagum mendengar vokal dan backing vokal bernyanyi hampir bersamaan di sepanjang lagu ini. Gue suka gitar melodi di akhir 'Arabella'. 'I Want It All' menekankan masing-masing instrumen musik secara bergantian: bass dan gitar listrik di awal dan melodic gitar dan bass di paruh kedua lagu. "No 1 Party Anthem" dan "Mad Sound" lebih balad. Otomatis kedua lagu itu lebih familiar bagi telinga gue. "Fireside" terdengar unik dengan drum dan pianonya.

'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?' mirip dengan 'One for the Road' dalam hal vokal dan backing vokal. Gue suka dengan suara tepukan di bagian tengah "Snap Out of It" dan tambahan piano di bagian bridge-nya. Gak ada yang spesial di lagu 'Knee Socks' kecuali efek suara 3D di akhir lagu. 'I Wanna Be Yours' adalah lagu yang sederhana tetapi bagian chorus-nya sangat catchy sehingga gue gak bisa menahan diri untuk ikut bernyanyi di bagian itu. Album ini ditutup dengan '2013', dengan tempo lambat di awal dan tempo lebih cepat di akhir.

Album ini disarankan untuk mendengarkan. Pertama kali coba dengarkan 'R U Mine?' terlebih dahulu dan kalian bakal suka keseluruhan album ini.

February 02, 2019

ISA-JSC Yuzhmorgeologia Training Summary in 367 Words: The Best Four Months in My Life So Far!

Some of my best friends were photographed from a small boat that drove me to the airport in Panama City.
Beberapa teman terbaik gue yang difoto dari kapal kecil yang mengantarkan gue ke bandara di Panama City.

It's true. I'm not gonna lie, I was not even able to hold back my tears when I get off the vessel and moved with a small boat to the mainland to get to the airport in Panama City. Any words I wanted to say were stuck in my throat for a 15-minute journey to the mainland. All I can do was wiping the tissue onto my wet cheeks. In my mind, I had slideshows that alternate quickly from one scene to another about all the memories of the past four months. About how cold the autumn Saint Petersburg weather was, but still can't beat the warmth of our first encounter. About meeting with the crew and the scientific team on the RV Gelendzhik that was brief but meaningful. About the introduction of the scientist team and the crew at RV Yuzhmorgeologiya who were very friendly even on the first night we stayed there (Hi, Dima, Sasha, Kira and Vladimir! I will not forget when I and Jose searched for hot water and you kindly invited us to the geology lab to cook hot water and talk.). About how frightening a Halloween party was to make me get a nightmare and wake up at three in the morning with a scream from my mouth. About how Sasha laughed rolling on the floor when one of our video scenes that I edited was displayed in Yuzhmorgeolympics. About how creative we were to make a very 'serious' videoprofiling became fun (Holothuria comics, Jomina characters, Isurabi characters, and AR videos of me, Isuri, and Amina). About how dedicated you were to designing Dima, Bia, and Dolores birthday parties. Remember the lyrics "When I say 'Mnogo?', You say 'Mnogo!'. 'Mnogo?' 'Mnogo!' "On New Year's Eve? It was the funniest show I've ever seen. About how intense our ping pong game was so that two hours in the afternoon feels very short. How exciting our hangout was for a few days in Panama City. I will try to write in detail about the excitement in my posts after this. Until the time comes, if you haven't watched it, you can enjoy the video below that I made to commemorate this wonderful time.

Beneran. Gue gak bohong, bahkan gue gak bisa menahan air mata gue ketika turun dari kapal dan berpindah menggunakan boat ke daratan untuk menuju ke bandara di Panama. Perjalanan ke daratan berlangsung selama 15 menit dan gue gak bisa berkata-kata dengan tisu di kedua tangan sesekali gue usapkan di kedua pipi gue yang basah. Kata-kata apapun yang ingin gue katakan tertahan di tenggorokan gue selama 15 menit perjalanan ke daratan. Yang bisa gue lakukan adalah mengusapkan tisu ke pipi gue yang basah. Terbersit di pikiran gue slideshow yang bergantian dari tayangan satu ke tayangan yang lain mengenai semua memori empat bulan terakhir. Tentang dinginnya cuaca musim gugur Saint Petersburg yang tidak bisa mengalahkan kehangatan pertemuan pertama kami. Tentang pertemuan dengan kru dan tim saintis RV Gelendhik yang sangat singkat namun bermakna. Tentang perkenalan dengan tim saintis dan kru RV Yuzhmorgeologiya yang sangat ramah bahkan sejak di malam pertama kami tinggal di sana (Hai, Dima, Sasha, Kira, dan Vladimir! Gue gak akan lupa ketika gue dan Jose mencari air panas dan kalian dengan ramahnya mengajak kami ke lab geologi untuk memasak air panas dan berbincang-bincang.). Tentang betapa menakutkannya pesta halloween hingga membuat gue mendapat mimpi buruk dan bangun pada pukul tiga pagi dengan teriakan dari mulut gue. Tentang bagaimana Sasha tertawa terguling-guling di lantai ketika salah satu adegan video kita yang gue edit ditampilkan dalam Yuzhmorgeolympics. Tentang bagaimana kreatifnya kita untuk  membuat videoprofiling yang sangat 'serius' sehingga menjadi seru (komik Holothuria, karakter Jomina, karakter Isurabi, dan video AR gue, Isuri, dan Amina). Tentang bagaimana berdedikasinya kalian merancang pesta ulang tahun Dima, Bia, dan Dolores. Ingat dengan lirik "When I say 'Mnogo?', you say 'Mnogo!'. 'Mnogo?' 'Mnogo!'" di malam tahun baru? Itu adalah pertunjukkan terkocak yang pernah gue lihat. Tentang bagaimana intensnya permainan pingpong kita sehingga waktu dua jam di sore hari terasa sangat singkat. Betapa serunya hangout kita selama beberapa hari di Panama City. Gue akan mencoba untuk menuliskannya secara detail mengenai keseruannya di postingan-postingan gue setelah ini. Hingga saatnya tiba, jika belum menontonnya, kalian bisa nikmati dahulu video di bawah yang gue buat untuk mengenang waktu yang sangat indah tersebut.


What can I do

Mineral Prospecting Survey

Mineral exploration, such us gold, bauxite, and nickel using geophysical methods.

Notable Project: Gold Exploration using TDIP Method at Kelantan, Malaysia (2016).

Environmental Survey

Geophysical Survey for envoironmental purpose, such as groundwater exploration and groundwater contamination investigation.

Notable Project: Groundwater Exploration using Resistivity VES Method at Lebak, Banten (2014).

Geotechnical Survey

Geophysical Survey for geotechnical purpose, such as utility locating (e.g.: burried pipeline) and bedrock depth locating for building construction purpose

Notable Project: Burried uitility locating at Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta (2017)


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