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About me

Let me introduce myself

A bit about me

After started his work at the Center for Deep Sea Research last year, this researcher has a big plan for the better future of Indonesia's deep-sea research. Trying his best to achieve it. He has 5 years of experience in mineral explorations, by the way.

Currently doing geophysics master program at Tongji University. He's a big fan of Manchester United. Music, gadgets, and running never fail to make him happy.


Deepak Bhagya

Personal info

Abi Dzikri Alghifari

Mobile (ID): +(62) 81223001161
Mobile (CH): +(86) 19821238357
WeChat ID: abialghifari7
Website: www.abialghifari.com
E-mail (personal): abi.alghifari@gmail.com
E-mail (work): abid005@lipi.go.id


Know more about my past


  • 2018-now

    Researcher @ P2LD LIPI

    Field of Expertise: Geophysics

    Field of Research: Applied Geophysics

    Notable Research:

    Fe-Mn Nodules and Co-Rich Crusts Exploration at Pacific Ocean (2018-2019) -

    Sediment Analysis at North Ambon Sea,Indonesia (2018) -

    Notable Training:

    Deep-sea Minerals Exploration Training (Practical), Pacific Ocean (2018-2019) -

    Deep-sea Minerals Exploration Training (Theoretical), Russia (2018) -

  • 2016-2017

    Independent Geophysicist

    Notable Project:

    Gold Exploration using Magnetics Method at Nanga Pinoh, Kalbar (2017) -

    Burried Utility Locating using GPR Method at Jakarta, DKI Jakarta (2017) -

  • 2012-2013; 2015-2016

    Geophysicist @ Geomin Unit (Antam)

    Notable Project:

    Gold Exploration using TDIP Method at Kelantan, Malaysia (2016) -

    Bauxite Exploration using GPR Method at Tayan, Kalbar (2015) -

    Nickel Exploration using Resistivity Method at Buli, Malut (2013) -

    Gold Exploration using Magnetics Method at Oksibil, Papua (2012) -


  • 2020-2023

    Tongji University (Geophysics Master Program)

  • 2019-2020

    Tongji University (Chinese language preparation course)

  • 2007-2012

    Universitas Gadjah Mada (Geophysics bachelor program)

    Notable Organization:

    - Himpunan Mahasiswa Geofisika [HMGF UGM] (2007-2012)

    - Society of Exploration Geophysicicst (SEG) Student Chapter (2007-2012)

  • 2004-2007

    MAN Yogyakarta II (Science)

    Notable Organization:

    - Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja (2004-2007)

    - Pramuka (2004-2005)

  • 2001-2004

    MTs YAPIN Kertasemaya

    Notable Organization:

    - Pramuka (2001-2002)

    - Palang Merah Remaja (2002-2003)

Skills & Things about me

Project Managing
Mineral Prospecting, Environmental, & Geotechnical Survey
Data Acquisition & Processing
Resistivity, TDIP, CS-AMT, Magnetics, Gravity, & GPR Data
Data Interpretation & Reporting
Resistivity, TDIP, CS-AMT, Magnetics, Gravity, & GPR Data


Projects Portfolio, Gadget, Music Review, Manchester United, & Life

December 31, 2022

Goodbye, 2022! My Reflection on This Surprising Year!

It's several minutes after midnight on New Year's Eve. I'm writing this from my work desk at my dorm room on 13th floor. Yeah, I'm back in Shanghai, China right now. It's more than 2 months I've been here and I've seen a lot of changes here in that short of time, even more since the time I left this city in the beginning of 2020.

00:00 from my balcony.

So, let's talk about 2022 from my perspective. A sentence that can describe this year is: What a shocking year! The thing about word "surprising" is, it can be both ways: a positive way and negative way. Sometimes you expect something to be good and it turns out to be better than what we expected, or worse, no matter how hard you've tried. In the other hand, sometimes you don't expect something to be good because of what you've learned before. Yet, you get way more than what you worked and prayed for. That's 2022 for me. But still, I'm grateful for my 2022 with its highs and lows

Like I said before, many things has changed this year. I expect that 2023 will be more dynamic. I need to brace myself for that. Happy new year, everyone! I wish everyone
a health and happy life!

August 27, 2022

ISA Training Day 27: It's Dima's Birthday But I Missed It

It was October 25, 2018. Yeah. You got it right! I Missed the party. Maybe you'll asked, "Why would you miss the party? It's like you can escape the vessel in the middle of the ocean!" It's because I'm sick. Not in the sense "I'm sick of it" as "I don't like party" or "It's too much party". It's literally I'm sick. Yeah, I got seasick. But I'll get to that later.

Dima holding the birthday cake with the entire scientist team at RV Yuzhmoregologiya (Photo by Kira and Yuriy)

So, It's not that I'm suddenly got sick, because in the morning I'm still fine. I even participated in introduction of the laboratory. We were introduced by scientist team about the granulometry laboratory. I forget about the details but it was Georgiy explained us about the tools.

Georgiy was explaining to us about the tools in the granulometry laboratory. (Photo by me)

Until an hour later, we're leaving the continental shelf at the south of Kyushu Island, Japan, and staring entering continental slope and the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly the waves are getting bigger and bigger. Not even for walking, for sitting alone, we need to hold the chair or table that is designed to be sticked to the wall or floor. Things at the table starting to fall because of that big waves. All of sudden, my head got dizzy and at that moment I was sure that I can't continue even just to listen the presentation from Amina, Jose and Dolo talking about their countries. The scientist team and my fellow trainees adviced me to just get rest. 

Back to my cabin, I found that the sofa just under the cabin window soaked with seawater. It turned out the waves were so high and reaching the window level. There was a gap between the window because we didn't close it completely and the water just came in from that. Right after I closed the window, I spent my entire day at my bed. It was my worst condition at the vessel. Threw up so many time. I couldn't eat. Eat a little food but then vomited. So, the doctor at the ship told me to eat just the dried bread and gave me some pills for me after that.

Yeah, so I completely missed all activities after that, including Dima's birthday party. I just told by everyone that it was a great party. And here are some videos and pictures of Dima's party:

This was when he got the surprise! (Video by Yuriy)
Dima and his gift. It was a big puzzle. (Photo captured from video by Yuriy)

A toast (Photo captured from video by Yuriy)

Eaating the cake (Photo captured from video by Yuriy)

And that's just a start. Later that night the party continued. Again, I was told that the party was great. I only can feel the party through the videos shared with me during that night. The highlight was, of course, Dolo singing "Despacito" with his ukulele! Just, wow!

Dolo singing Despacito.. (Video by Yuriy)

And that's it. I missed all the greatness of the party night.

That's it for today. See you in the next post! In the meantime, you can check all posts of ISA Training series here.

August 20, 2022

ISA Training Day 26: Preparing Survey Equipment (and also Dima's birthday)

Our vessel has left Busan the day before and we were somewhere in the south of Japan in the morning of October 24, 2018. Ah, yeah. The picture below is not us making handcrafts, but..

We were making a dredging basket (Photo by

If you are wondering for what purpose, it's actually one of our equipment for the deepsea mineral exploration. The equipment is called rock dredger. As the name implied, it's for dredging rocks.

This is the rock dredger (image from Vladimir)

Okay. At that day, I did my presentation about country. Later that day, Dolo presented her work. During my presentation, I explained everything about Indonesia. Started with its geography: how wide Indonesia is, how it is located between two continents and two oceans, and how big the number of its islands. Continued with its people: how big the number of its population, how big the number of its ethnics and languages, how this big number in its ethnics and languages can be put together using one lingua franca: Bahasa Indonesia. Continued with how the diversity of its flora and fauna, and how beautiful Indonesia is, so that Indonesia is one of country with many tourism destinations. Ended with its cuisine: how spicy the Rendang Beef is, how delicious the satay is, and how popular Indomie is. At the end of the presentation I brought out the Indomie goreng cups I prepared before and gave them for everyone to try. 

This is me doing my presentation about Indonesia (photo by Yuriy)

After my presentation, Chief scientist for this survey, Vladimir Ivanov, explained about our survey plan at Guyot Alba on Magellan Seamount, West Pacific. At that time, we were discussing about a work shift. Each trainee was given an option to choose two shift each day with one shift is four hours long. 

Here's our chief scientist, Vladimir, were explaining about our survey plan (Photo by me).

I chose the first shift at 8AM to 12PM in the morning and 8PM to 12AM in the evening. The shift is accompanied by three scientists: Vladimir, Tatyana, and Sergey. In the morning shift, I took it with my fellow trainee, Amina. In the night shift, I did it with Isuri.

Here's the complete list of our shifts. The middle column is scientist team that accompanied the trainees in the right column (Photo by me).

At that day, we also prepared something for Dima's birthday. His birthday was at the next day. I am still amazed how well we prepared for Dima's birthday (although most of them were prepared by scientist team). Our participation was making birthday note card. It was big card that we could put our photos and our notes there.

Here's the cool birthday note card! Look at that "Goodbye, Busan!" and "Welcome to Panama!" detail on the bottom part! Person on the picture starting from the top clockwise: Kira, Sasha, Me, Dolo, Jose, Tatyana, Yuriy, Isuri, Sergey, Georgiy, Amina, Anatoliy, Bia, Vladimir, and in the middle is the birthday guy: Dima. (Photo by me)

And here's some birthday greetings for Dima:

That's from me

This was from Dolo

From Jose

Isuri's greeting

This one was from Amina

From Anatoly

This was from Bia

That's it for today. See you in the next post! In the meantime, you can check all posts of ISA Training series here.

July 30, 2022

ISA Training Day 23-25: Fishing in Offshore Busan, South Korea!

Just after the beautiful sunset in Sunday evening, October 21, 2018, we arrived at Busan. Yeah, Busan, North Korea. This city doesn't sound familiar with me. Nope, not because the movie Train to Busan that was released in 2016, but far earlier than that. It was one of host cities in 2002 World Cup. Busan is also host city for 2002 Asian Games. Okay, enough for the Busan intro. Take a look one of photos taken by Dolo.

A hill in the south of Busan captured by Dolo from the vessel

The weather of that end of October was quite nice, not that cold as Slavyanka's temperature. We couldn't get off of the vessel so we spent some quality times only on vessel. At that night, we went fishing in the back of the vessel. I'm not a fan of fishing, but it was a great experience. We were talking while we're waiting the bait to get eaten by the fish. We couldn't hide our happiness when we got our first fish.

Me and scientist group were fishing. (Photo by Dolo)

A fish we got at that night. (Photo by me)

Kira and the fish she got. (Photo by Kira)

The next day, our class training was started. In the first week, two trainees a day will give a presentation about work and country. Bia talked about work in the morning and Isuri talked about countries in the afternoon. My turn and Jose's are the day after that. We talked about work. I talked about my working experience and also my research center.

Bia's presentation on work.

Isuri's presentation introducing her country.

Jose is talking about his work

We also got new meal menu for one week. Here's the menu:

God, I miss these meals so bad! Haha

The next day, October 23, 2018, we departed from Busan towards Magellan Seamount, West Pacific. As a tradition, we throw coin to the ocean. Here's the video of Yuriy doing it.


Here are some pictures we captured as we left Busan:

Busan from Dolo's telelens.

This is our favorite (Photo by Dolo)

Steep cliff captured by Dolo

Busan at the back now. (Photo by Kira)

Goodbye, Busan.. (Photo by Yuriy)

Thanks for reading this, guys! See you in the next post! You can check all posts of ISA Training series here.

July 03, 2022

ISA Training Day 21-22: Sunrise Over the Calmness of Japan Sea

 October 19-20, 2018 around coordinate 41°39'10.15"N 131°33'12.46"E.

My first sunrise as the vessel is moving in Japan Sea.

The first two days on the vessel was focusing on adaptation. Adapt to sleep while moving, eating while moving, and every activities while moving. Luckily, the moving from Slavyanka (especially to the first stop, Busan, South Korea) is less dramatic. And that's a good thing. 

I was not "new" on exploration field, because I've been there before. Doing exploration on the land, however, you always knew that you're still connected to human civilization. Even at the most remote location at the wilderness of the peak-est point of Pegunungan Bintang district of Papua, that I've been to in 2012-2013, I always knew that the helicopter will come twice a month to give us the logistics and some news, since there's no cellphone connection there and the nearest village is two days away by foot. But still, this was new millstone for me, because I'll be in the middle of nowhere with ocean around you for more than 3 months. So, I was not surprised that I had a strange feeling about it. Maybe it's because of the friendliness of the scientists and crews on the RV Yuzhmorgeologiya, or maybe also because of the waves of Japan Sea in the middle of October was quite calm. But, what I knew was my adaptation is quite smooth. 

Starting from eating adaption, especially the time. It was at 6 PM for dinner when the vessel was docked at Slavyanka. The dinner time was pushed back to 7:30 PM. So, we needed to hold our craving for food for 1.5 hour. The good thing is, however, now we have tea time at around 3:30 PM. It was not a problem anymore then as long as we didn't skip the tea time.

Here's the timetable on the dining room (I'm still not sure why it's called wardroom though)

I also took my time to go around the vessel to find the location for specific purpose. Dining room is one deck below us. To go there, I passed the washing room in the same deck with my cabin with men bathroom next too it. Later I was told by Vladimir that I can use the other washing room at other side of the vessel (I think it was more front of the vessel) and I can use men bathroom in the upper deck. The funny thing was they were naked during bathing, like, completely naked. I was not used to this. Well, I was naked when I bathed in the river, but that was 20 years ago when I was little. The shower cubes in the bathroom don't have doors, so only border between to cubes. At first, I used underwear, but then I was completely naked for the next 3 months when I bathed and I completely didn't care anymore. Haha.

Some signs in the washing room

The bed on my cabin. I took the top bunk while Jose is in the bottom bunk.

The full moon I took from my cabin window.

So, that's it for today. Don't forget to read my previous posts on this series and check the upcoming posts here. Thank you guys!



May 06, 2022

ISA Training Day 20: Goodbye, Slavyanka!

 October 18, 2018. It's time to say goodbye to Slavyanka! Our journey begins. 

Irina and her husband, both are scientist at RV Gelendzhik, waving to us in RV Yuzhmorgeologiya during departing time. (Photo from Dolo)

I don't know the reason, but it turns out that our vessel need to be pulled by small ship first.

Here's the picture of small ship that pulled our vessel. (Photo by Dolo)

Here are some pictures during our departure:

See you, RV Gelendzhik! (Photo by Dolo)

A hill captured from the vessel. (Photo by Dolo)

Another hill with residential area under it. (Photo by Dolo)

Some ships at the port. (Photo by Dolo)

Another ship with a bunch of containers. (Photo by Dolo)

Vladivostok view from the vessel (Photo by Dolo)

Bia and Amina said goodbye to Slavyanka!


That's it for today. Thank you, guys! Check all post of this series here!


What can I do

Mineral Prospecting Survey

Mineral exploration, such us gold, bauxite, and nickel using geophysical methods.

Notable Project: Gold Exploration using TDIP Method at Kelantan, Malaysia (2016).

Environmental Survey

Geophysical Survey for envoironmental purpose, such as groundwater exploration and groundwater contamination investigation.

Notable Project: Groundwater Exploration using Resistivity VES Method at Lebak, Banten (2014).

Geotechnical Survey

Geophysical Survey for geotechnical purpose, such as utility locating (e.g.: burried pipeline) and bedrock depth locating for building construction purpose

Notable Project: Burried uitility locating at Jalan Gatot Subroto, Jakarta (2017)


Get in touch with me


Kongsijaya 02/01, Widasari, Indramayu 45271

Phone number

+(62) 81223001161