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August 27, 2022

ISA Training Day 27: It's Dima's Birthday But I Missed It

It was October 25, 2018. Yeah. You got it right! I Missed the party. Maybe you'll asked, "Why would you miss the party? It's like you can escape the vessel in the middle of the ocean!" It's because I'm sick. Not in the sense "I'm sick of it" as "I don't like party" or "It's too much party". It's literally I'm sick. Yeah, I got seasick. But I'll get to that later.

Dima holding the birthday cake with the entire scientist team at RV Yuzhmoregologiya (Photo by Kira and Yuriy)

So, It's not that I'm suddenly got sick, because in the morning I'm still fine. I even participated in introduction of the laboratory. We were introduced by scientist team about the granulometry laboratory. I forget about the details but it was Georgiy explained us about the tools.

Georgiy was explaining to us about the tools in the granulometry laboratory. (Photo by me)

Until an hour later, we're leaving the continental shelf at the south of Kyushu Island, Japan, and staring entering continental slope and the Pacific Ocean. Suddenly the waves are getting bigger and bigger. Not even for walking, for sitting alone, we need to hold the chair or table that is designed to be sticked to the wall or floor. Things at the table starting to fall because of that big waves. All of sudden, my head got dizzy and at that moment I was sure that I can't continue even just to listen the presentation from Amina, Jose and Dolo talking about their countries. The scientist team and my fellow trainees adviced me to just get rest. 

Back to my cabin, I found that the sofa just under the cabin window soaked with seawater. It turned out the waves were so high and reaching the window level. There was a gap between the window because we didn't close it completely and the water just came in from that. Right after I closed the window, I spent my entire day at my bed. It was my worst condition at the vessel. Threw up so many time. I couldn't eat. Eat a little food but then vomited. So, the doctor at the ship told me to eat just the dried bread and gave me some pills for me after that.

Yeah, so I completely missed all activities after that, including Dima's birthday party. I just told by everyone that it was a great party. And here are some videos and pictures of Dima's party:

This was when he got the surprise! (Video by Yuriy)
Dima and his gift. It was a big puzzle. (Photo captured from video by Yuriy)

A toast (Photo captured from video by Yuriy)

Eaating the cake (Photo captured from video by Yuriy)

And that's just a start. Later that night the party continued. Again, I was told that the party was great. I only can feel the party through the videos shared with me during that night. The highlight was, of course, Dolo singing "Despacito" with his ukulele! Just, wow!

Dolo singing Despacito.. (Video by Yuriy)

And that's it. I missed all the greatness of the party night.

That's it for today. See you in the next post! In the meantime, you can check all posts of ISA Training series here.

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