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May 06, 2022

ISA Training Day 20: Goodbye, Slavyanka!

 October 18, 2018. It's time to say goodbye to Slavyanka! Our journey begins. 

Irina and her husband, both are scientist at RV Gelendzhik, waving to us in RV Yuzhmorgeologiya during departing time. (Photo from Dolo)

I don't know the reason, but it turns out that our vessel need to be pulled by small ship first.

Here's the picture of small ship that pulled our vessel. (Photo by Dolo)

Here are some pictures during our departure:

See you, RV Gelendzhik! (Photo by Dolo)

A hill captured from the vessel. (Photo by Dolo)

Another hill with residential area under it. (Photo by Dolo)

Some ships at the port. (Photo by Dolo)

Another ship with a bunch of containers. (Photo by Dolo)

Vladivostok view from the vessel (Photo by Dolo)

Bia and Amina said goodbye to Slavyanka!


That's it for today. Thank you, guys! Check all post of this series here!

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