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October 15, 2020

ISA Training Day 17: Enjoying A Lovely Beach in Baklan Bay with Scientists from RV Gelendzhik

As usual, that Monday was a sunny day in Slavyanka. The scientist team from RV Gelendzhik invited us for a little vacation to one beach in the south of the city. Of course, we agreed without even thinking twice. The beach itself is not a part of the Slavyanskiy Gulf in the west where our vessel located. It's a part of Baklan Bay in the south. Bruysa Cape separates Slavyanskiy Gulf and Baklan Bay. There's a beautiful lighthouse in the cape, but we didn't have time to visit there.

The trainees and the scientist from the RV Gelendzhik in one frame at the beach. (Photo by Irina)

We went there in the afternoon. It's around 4 km from the shipyard, but it would be taking so much time if we walk, so we decided to order two cars for us to get there. Although the road is not wide, has many turns, and with hilly contour, I gotta admit that the asphalt is really smooth. Around 10 minutes later, we arrived at the beach.

The beach is nice. The water is clear. The sand is soft. The wive is not big. The wind is not that strong. Ah, one more: it's really clean! And not many people at that time. So, it's perfect! I was going to swim there, but I didn't feel like to do it the second I touched the water. It was really cold. Alright, here are the pictures that we took there.

Look how clear the water is. You can see Antipenko and Sibiryakova Island in the distance. (Photo by me)

Bruysa Cape in the east. (Photo by me)

Hilly contour on the north. (Photo by me)

Klerka Cape on the southwest. (Photo by me)

We walked to the west part until we met a river with a delta river in the middle. We took a selfie with that background. In addition, I took Bia's picture doing his pose in the middle of the delta with a burst mode. I gave you the best photo.

The delta river. (Photo by me)

Our selfie with the delta as the background. (Photo by me)

Patrick, is that you? (Photo by me)

Perfect pose, Bia! (Photo by me)

We ate at the small restaurant on the beachside. We were eating, talking, and dancing. I remember Irina talked to us that we'll be on the cruise for months and they are happy that we are coming with them. We just met for a couple of days, but we were like family already.

Our preparation before the meal. (Photo by Isuri)

Another photo on the table. (Photo by Isuri)

The dancing. Look how happy we were. (photo by me)

The decision was easily changing at that time. We didn't know if we will use RV Gelendzhik with them or will come with other scientists with RV Yuzhmorgeologiya that was still in repair. However, we didn't worry much about that. We knew that we have to live in the moment. And that's what we did at that time. No worry, just enjoy the moment.

What happened next? No. I'm not going to spoil our next story here. So, stay tuned for the next post and make sure to read the other stories from this post series on this link: http://www.abialghifari.com/2020/10/isa-training-story-complete-list.html. 

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