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October 15, 2020

ISA Training Day 16: Safety Induction and Walk Around in Slavyanka

I woke up that morning after a quite good sleep. After breakfast, we went around the ship to do safety induction. We were introduced to important matters on board by the ship captain himself. One of them is the lifebuoy, which is a small cabin that functions as a temporary shelter when the ship is damaged. Inside there is navigation equipment, safety equipment such as buoys, and most importantly food. The food was simple enough, like biscuits, but enough to survive in it while waiting for help to arrive.

Our research vessel "RV Gelendzhik" that is planned to take us to the Pacific Ocean. (Photo by me)

We're inside the lifebuoy during safety induction. (Photo by me)

Another explanation regarding vessel safety equipment. (Photo by me)

After that, we went outside the vessel. My first impression of Slavyanka was it's a quiet small town. For someone who lives in a populated city or country, Slavyanka is really quiet. The town is really clean though. We went to a traditional market. I think it's not a permanent market, I guess it's not every day that market open. I bought two t-shirts and some underwear. It's really cheap with good quality. 

We took a selfie before went to the town. (Photo by Bia)
This is the market. You can find so many clothes here. (Photo by Dolo)

Even meat. Look how clean the market is. (Photo by Bia)

Just 100 meters to the north, there's this monument called "Памятник героям Хасана" or "Monument to the Heroes Hassan". The monument is made as a memorial for 960 armies that killed during a conflict with Japanese troops that occupied that area in 1938. 

Monument to the Heroes Hassan. (Photo by Jose)

Then we went to "Stals" Shopping center. The clothing you can find here is fancier but pricier. 

"Stals" Shopping Center.

There's no wifi on the vessel before departing, but we need to contact our family. So, after lunch, we decided to buy a new SIM card. For 500 rubles or USD 9 (2018 currency rate), we got an unlimited data plan. That's really cheap. The bad thing is you can't do tethering to your laptop or other devices. So, you're stuck with the internet on your phone. But still, 9 bucks is extremely cheap. From there, we went to the Limonchik supermarket. I was surprised that I found Indomie noodles in that supermarket. I bought all the stocks on the shelf. The cruise will be long, so I think it would be better for me if I have something familiar with me.

In the evening, we got news from Rubel that he just arrived in his country. We took a selfie and send it to him, Artyom, and Natalia on the WhatsApp group.

Our selfie in the cabin. (Photo by Dolo)

That's it for today. See you in the next post. Read the other stories from this post series on this link: http://www.abialghifari.com/2020/10/isa-training-story-complete-list.html

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