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October 15, 2020

ISA Training Day 15: Vladivostok, Here We Come! Our First Encounter with RV Gelendzhik

Our flight arrived at Vladivostok International Airport at around 3 in the afternoon. It was a sunny day in Vladivostok. Don't be fooled by the clear sky though. It's still cool for me, around 10-15 Celcius degrees, I guessed.

The blue sky above Vladivostok International Airport when we arrived that afternoon. (Photo by me)

After everything was okay, Tatyana ordered a car that will bring us to the place where the vessel for our practical training will depart. Then the car came. We were shocked that the car is really small. We have 7 people and many suitcases. It won't be enough. We told her that we need one more car, otherwise only for the suitcases alone, it won't fit. The solution was we still ordered only one car, but bigger. It is still too cramped for us, but we didn't have any choice. 

Look how many suitcases we had and how small the car was. (Photo by Bia)

Our destination is Slavyanka, a small town located 80 km southwest of Vladivostok. Yeah, it was only 80 km. However, the Amursky Zaliv (or Amur Bay) and the unsmooth morphology made us spending around 3 hours with 155 km of distance. Not that I'm complaining, but sitting 3 hours in a small space was not a good experience. The unfriendly driver and how rough he drove the car also made it worse.

At 6.30 we arrived at Slavyanka. The car stopped in front of ПАО " Славянский СРЗ" (Славянский судоремонтный завод). Yup. You got me! Of course, I found the name on google maps. I'm not gonna remember that long name. It's called PJSC "Slavyanskiy Shipyard" in English by the way, or simply we can call it Slavyanskiy Shipyard. It's the place where our vessel, RV Gelendzhik, was located. 

We waited for around 30 minutes for document checking reasons. After that, we're allowed to come in. We're still walking around 750 meters to see our ship. We're really tired at that time. Luckily some crews helped us to bring our suitcases to our cabins. 

The blurred image of our walk inside the shipyard. (Photo by me)

Thank you, guys! I'll save the story about Slavyanka for the next post. So, stay tuned.

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