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October 07, 2020

ISA Training Day 8: Goods Hunting at the Udelnaya Flea Market

I'm a person who prefers to spend the whole weekend at home, just resting. However, if you are in Saint Petersburg, you'll be tempted just to go outside. And that's what I do on that weekend. We wandered as many as places as we could during that short time. In my previous post, I mentioned that I went to the Hermitage Museum and Gazprom Arena Stadium on Saturday. I made a mistake, it was on Sunday. We went to Udelnaya Flea Market instead on Saturday.

One of Saint Petersburg metro stations' platforms. (Photo by me)

We went there in the morning by metro, from Vasileostrovskaya station to Udelnaya station. Ah, as I promised before that I will tell the metro system in Saint Petersburg. Now that we use the metro more on the weekend, why won't I tell the story now? Is that right?
Something that always sticks in memory is how deep the station is, caused by the geological condition. Yup, Saint Petersburg metro is one of the deepest metro systems in the world by the average depth of all the stations. The deepest station is Admiralteyskaya station with 86 meters deep. It's so deep that if you go to the platform from the entry door you need more than 2 minutes using the escalator.

The escalator inside one of metro stations in Saint Petersburg. (Picture by me)

Our selfie. (front-rear: Bia, Me, Dolo, Amina, Isuri, Jose, and Rubel. (Photo by Bia)

The Saint Petersburg metro has 5 lines with a total length of 124 kilometers. It has 72 stations including 7 transfer points. Each station has a different design, inside and outside. 

The platform design of Udelnaya station. (Photo by me)

How inside the metro looks like. (Photo by Isuri)

Another picture of us. (Photo by Bia)

Okay, enough with the metro. Let's talk about the Udelnaya Flea Market. This flea market is located near the Udelnaya metro station in the north part of Saint Petersburg. You can find almost anything here: military goods from the USSR era, souvenirs, coin collection from around the world, bags, boots, heels, vinyl collection from different genres, and, damn, you can even find the chemical mask that helps you during chemical contamination.

Equipment and supplies used by the USSR-era military. (Photo by me)

Souvenirs are on display at one of the stalls at the Flea Market. (Photo by me)

Old books, sewing machines, chairs, and miniature cars appear on one of the stalls. (Photo by me)

Troops miniature and old radio (?) (Photo by me)

I was busy paying attention to one of the items offered there. (Photo by me)

Bags, boots, high heels, everything is here. (Photo by me)

Vinyl from various musical genres is also offered here. (Photo by me)

Isuri was choosing the ceramics she likes. (Photo by me)

This is the chemical mask I'm talking about. Bia's trying to wear it. (Photo by me)

What I still remember until now is we lost Rubel at some point. We were all panicked because we were unable to contact him. We didn't have a local SIM card, only Bia had it because of the luggage losing case. We went back and forth from the front part of the market until the back part. No result. I don't remember how we found him but I remember that he came with an innocent face. Haha. 

From there, we had lunch at a Chinese food restaurant near there. I forget what we ordered and I don't have any photo collection during lunch there. Ah, I remember the restaurant also sells all kinds of Chinese instant noodles. 

After that. We're splitting. I and Rubel were going back to the hotel. Everyone else continued with their trip. If you wonder why I didn't come with them, the answer is simple: football. That afternoon Man United played and I didn't want to miss the last chance I can watch them play before the cruise for the practical part of the training. 

It's enough for today's story. Thank you, guys!

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