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October 07, 2020

ISA Training Day 9: Enjoy History at the Hermitage Museum and Exciting Zenit FC Match at Gazprom Arena!

That day was the most memorable day so far. We visited two places: the Hermitage Museum and Krestovsky Stadium or Gazprom Arena. Both are fun to visit.

Pertandingan di babak pertama

The Hermitage Museum is the second-largest art museum in the world after the Louvre Museum in Paris. Tatyana told the ticketing staff that we're students (because technically we were), so we can enter it for free. The normal price is around 700 Russian Ruble (2018 price) or around 160 thousand rupiahs. But even if you pay, it's actually quite attractive price considering how big this museum is. There are six buildings (with 5 of them is open to the public). Four hours is not enough to visit the entire museum. However, we have another plan that day. So, at 3 pm we left the museum.

The Hermitage Museum from the outside. Too bad that the weather looks not so good. (Photo by me)

Me in front of painting collections. (Photo by me)

Beautiful, right? (Photo by me)

At 3 pm we took the metro to Admiralteskaya station to go to the Novokrestovskaya metro station, the closest station to the Gazprom Arena. Anyway, this stadium is the station used for the Confederations Cup 2017 and World Cup 2018. So, yeah. The stadium design is amazing. Damn! If you see the stadium at night from the outside, you can see the color of the lighting keeps changing. Beautiful. 

The match that took place that afternoon was Zenit FC as the host who was at the top of the standings against Krasnodar who was in second place. Sort of like a big match in the Russian Premier League.  Zenit FC won with goals by Artyom Dzyuba in the 50th minute and Robert Mak in the 65th minute for Zenit and a goal in the 81st minute by Papel Mamayev for Krasnodar. And here are the photos.

Selfie before the match. (Photo by me)

The first half (Photo by me)

Me, Amina, Jose, Dolores, and Beatriz are enjoying the match (note that Rubel is on my right and Isuri was not coming)
This section was the most lively part of the stadium. (Photo by Dolo)
Krestovsky Stadium a.k.a. Gazprom Arena

That was the first time I came to the stadium watching football. Yeah. For real. Even for the local league in Indonesia, I've never come to the stadium. The atmosphere was superb, the fans kept chanting, the awesome sensation when the player scoring. This made me want to go to the stadium again for watching football. That happened again last year in Singapore for the match between Manchester United vs Inter Milan. 

Anyway. That's it for today. Thank you, guys!

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