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October 04, 2020

ISA Training Day 6: Feeling the Freezing Temperature at Monument to the Fighters of the Revolution with an Eternal Flame

Okay, maybe that's too exaggerated. Technically, still not below zero. But still, that's too much for people from tropical countries like me. And that day was the coldest temperature in early October in Saint Petersburg. Anyway, let's talk about the courses first.

There are 3 lectures that we are attending today. The first lecture was a VNIIOkeangeologia review of marine minerals by Prof. Dr. Georgy Cherkashov. He explained everything related to deep-sea minerals: the reasons why deep-sea minerals are starting to be taken into account by many countries and the future of these deep-sea minerals. I really like attending his lecture. He's one of the best researchers in the deep-sea minerals research field. 

The second lecture, still located at the Institute of Earth Sciences of Saint Petersburg State University, was Geochronology in Marine Minerals and Sediment which. The lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Vladlislav Kuznetsov. He explained how isotopes are used to determine the age of minerals and sediments and the deep ocean. 

The last lecture was about technologies for marine minerals exploration and exploration. Dr. Sergey Petukhov, with the translating help from Alex Seleznev, explained the technology used for mineral exploration (including geophysical methods) and its exploitation. Really useful for us.

a lecture on the technology used for exploration and exploitation of deep-sea minerals by Dr. Sergey Petukhov and translated by Alex Seleznev. (Photo by me)

On returning we visited the Monument to the fighters of the revolution (with an eternal flame) or in Russian Памятник Борцам Революции. It will be more than 1 hours to walk and that was around 5PM when we finished the last lecture. So, this time we went by bus from Angliskiy Prospekt to Nevsky Avenue. 

From there we walked down Sadovaya Street and had a look at Mikhailovsky Garden on the left and ended at the Field of Mars where the monument is located after passing the Moyka River. Coming home from there, because the temperature was already around 4 degrees Celsius, we went to the subway station to use the metro. And this is my photo today.

Mikhailovsky Garden on the left on our way to the monument. (Photo by me)

Our selfie with the Moyka River on the background. I forget why Bia and Rubel was not coming on that day. (Photo by me)

Field of Mars where the monument located with twilight at the horizon in the backgorund. (Photo by me)

One of the cemeteries at the monument. You can see the church from day 5 story in the distance. (Photo by me)

This is the eternal flame we're talking about. (Photo by Dolo)

Millionaya Street in the distance (Photo by me)

Wikipedia page said that The Monument to the Fighters of the Revolution (Russian: Памятник Борцам Революции) marks the burial places of some of those who died during the February and October Revolutions in 1917, and casualties who died between 1917 and 1933 in the Russian Civil War or otherwise in the establishment of Soviet power. It contains the first eternal flame in Russia. If you're interested in the history of the monument, go ahead check it on the Wikipedia page here.

After spending one hour there, the temperature went down to around 4 Celcius degrees that evening. Some people just can't stand with that cold temperature. Guess who? Yeah, that's me. So, we decided to take the subway. On the way home to the metro station, we took a lot of pictures too. Check the photos below.

Evening atmosphere on the right and left of Moyka River. (Photo by me)
The Chuch of the Savior on the spilled blood that we visited yesterday, captured from the north side. (Photo by Dolo)

Okay, that's it for today. Thank you, guys!

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