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October 12, 2020

ISA Training Day 14: Moving Day!

It was an emotional day for us. Two weeks' stay in that beautiful city came to end.  No. We're not going back to our countries. Excluding Rubel, we're going to do our second part of the training. It's called Practical Training. Rubel has done the practical part, by the way. He did it the previous year. Our next destination is Vladivostok. Still in Russia, but this is on the other side. The east side, close to the Korean border. The plan is from there we will come with a research vessel to go to the Pacific Ocean to participate in the second part of the training.

The scene I captured on the plane that took us to Vladivostok. (Photo by me)

Let's talk that morning first. We went to the University to get the certificate. The rector itself gave it to us. But before that, Dr. Georgy Cherkasov and the rector gave some messages to us.

Dr. Georgy Cherkasov gave a farewell message to us. Taken by Artyom. (Photo by Rubel)

Me after getting the certificate. (Photo by Rubel)

The photo after we got the certificate.

In the afternoon, the taxi driver drove us to the airport. Artyom stayed, but Tatyana (Mom) came with us to Vladivostok. She is the person in charge of us during the training. 

Bia, Dolo, Amina, and Isuri in one car with many suitcases on their way to the airport. (Photo by Bia)

Pulkovo Airport, our silent witness for the first and the last day of our visit.

Another scene from that flight. That crescent moon was beautiful. (Photo by me)

An aerial view before our flight landed at Moscow to transit. (Photo by Dolo)

We transitted for some hours in Moscow and then continued again to Vladivostok at that night. That was two weeks full of amazing experiences in Saint Petersburg. Hopefully, someday I can come again to that city. 

That's it. Our story for the first part of the training in Saint Petersburg. It's been a good two weeks for me to write this story after two years since the training itself happened. Looking at old photos and videos during that time made me miss everything. Should I continue to write for the second part? 

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