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October 11, 2020

ISA Training Day 13: The Last (Training) Day at Saint Petersburg, Zenit FC Jersey, and Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge after midnight

The fourth day of the second week was started by a lecture from Dr. Georgy Chrekasov about the exploration methods and exploitation approach. This lecture explained about exploration methods used for deep-sea mineral, not only the methods that have been already known such as multibeam echosounder from the vessel, deep-towed side-scan sonar, and near-bottom profiling with MAPR, but also the new methods such as the use of profiling seismic for defining the internal structure of the SMS deposits. Really interesting!

Our last walk to VNIIOkeangeologia. (Photo by me)

The second lecture, Subaquatic Gas Hydrates, was given by Dr. Tatiana Matveeva. This lecture explained all information about gas hydrates, started with the definition and ended with gas hydrates exploration. Completely new information for me.

The next lecture, Legal Aspect of Exploration and Exploitation of Marine Minerals, was given by Livia Ermakova. This lecture explained the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea in 1982, the formation of the International Seabed Authority, and its regulation. The last lecture, Marine Sediments Study for Paleoreconstructions, was given by Darya Elkina. This lecture talked all about the reconstruction of the past from the study of marine sediment, started with paleomagnetism, methodology, and ended with a case study of deep-water sediments in the Arctic Ocean. Too heavy for me but interesting nonetheless.

After the class, I, accompanied by Rubel, went to Nevsky Prospect. There's this shop called Zenit Arena. This official shop sells everything about Zenit FC. I bought that year's jersey, a mug, a cap, and a thermos. That was my biggest spending during my time at Saint Petersburg. But that was worth it. This also marked my new tradition to buy a football jersey during my visit to a new city.

This is the 2018-19 Zenit FC jersey. (Photo by me)

The front look of the jersey. (Photo by me)

After midnight, Dolo, Jose, and Bia went to Neva River. They want to take a picture of the rising of Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge. This rising allows the vessells to pass through the other side of the river. Here are some photos taken by Dolo and Jose.

Blagoveshchenskiy Bridge during the rising after midnight. (Photo by Dolo)

This is Jose's version.

Bia, Jose, and Dolo on that night. And the iconic apple from Peterhof Palace! (Photo by Bia) 

Looking at the pictures that they took made me regret that I didn't go with them that night. Maybe next time when I have time to go again to that beautiful city?

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