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October 09, 2020

ISA Training Day 11: Geophysics Day!

That day's lecture was very interesting because it was directly related to geophysics. The first lecture was Marine Seismics, presented by Dr. Smirnov Oleg from VNIIOkeangeologia. I haven't studied seismics and that day was like a reminder for me to start to study seismic again. Fast forward two years later, here I am at Tongji University choosing the Seismics course for the first semester of my master program.

Then we moved to the Institute of Earth Science for the second lecture. This was not at the building that we did the registration. It's a different building and a different place. It was at Pereulok Dekabristov, the northern part of Valeostrovsky Island. So, we need to take a cab. This was when something bad happened. Hmm. Not that bad actually, it's like more ridiculous when I think again about it. So, Dolo, Rubel, Jose, and Artyom went first using the first cab. And inside the second cab was me, Isuri, Amina, and Bia. Isuri and Amina were eating a snack from Rubel inside the cab. We didn't have an idea that we can't eat inside. I guess the driver wanted to warn us but he knew nothing about English. So, he stopped the car at the gas station to ask someone how to say that in Eglish. After that, he came in. Then with the harsh voice, he went, "NO EAT!". We were really shocked by that. I mean, he could just say it nicely. Okay, enough with that.

Anyway, the second lecture was Resource Estimation and Evaluation. This lecture was delivered by Ass. Prof. Dr. Ivan Alexeev from Saint Petersburg University. This lecture describes the stages of exploration from regional studies to mining. In addition, from this lecture, I learned about the JORC Code, which is the code used in reporting on mining, for example, inferred, indicated, and measured for mineral resources. Not a new thing for me, because I've been in mineral exploration before. But still, there's always new information in that lecture.

We're back again to the VNIIOkeangeologia building for the last lecture. The last lecture was given by Prof. Dr. Alexey Piskarev regarding geophysical methods of marine exploration. As the name of the lecture suggests, this lecture described the geophysical methods used for exploration at sea. Starting from its application in oil and gas exploration, minerals exploration, to the discovery of dumpsite if monitions. Interesting! This was interesting. And again, I am currently learning Marine Geophysics at Tongji University. When I looked back, it's funny that sometimes people can give us a good impact even that people didn't aware. After the class, we took a picture.

A photo with Prof. Dr. Alexey Piskarev after the class. (Photo by me)

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a souvenir shop. It was inside the underpass at Ulitsa Truda. I think I bought some magnetic stickers for refrigerator and some key chains. 

These are the magnetic stickers from the shop. (Photo by me)

Keychain and Russian doll a.k.a. Matryoshka. (Photo by me)

Look how small is that. (Photo by me)

Okay. Enough for today. Thank you guys!

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