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October 31, 2019

ThrowbackThursday: Halloween Party in the Middle of Pacific Ocean!

Being in the middle of nowhere (read: inside the vessel in the Pacific Ocean) for a long time didn't stop us from having fun. Exactly one year ago today, I was in the most horrible and most well-prepared party I've ever been to. 
Scientist team and the crew on the research vessel after the party. (Back [Left to right]: Anatoliy, Tatyana, Jose, Amina, Me, Isuri, Bia, Dima; Front [Left to right]: Vladimir, Dolo, Yuriy, Kira, Sasha. Not on the scene: Sergey and Georgiy
I look happy in the photo. But, trust me, 15 minutes before that I was scared as hell. Even after we ate and drank a lot after that, I couldn't get rid of the image of Yuriy's head came out from the box. Do you see my name at the name tag on the table? Yes, I was sitting on that seat and Yuriy was hiding right on my left. I could sleep at 1 pm that night after that, only to have a scary dream that I was in the middle of the wildwood alone. I felt lost. And then I was relieved that I knew that it was only a dream. I opened my eyes and then I realized that I couldn't move my body. Yes, it was sleep paralysis. And you know the most scared thing about the sleep paralysis? It's hard for me to just breathe and the only thing I can control was my eyes. You know what? I saw 'pocong' in front of me. You can google it. It's an Indonesian ghost. And we're not even in Indonesian territory. It should be the ghost from the Pacific Ocean. But, no. It was "pocong". I was screaming as loud as I could. I told Jose, my roommate, about that the next day. He didn't hear anything and he slept on the bed, only 2 meters away from me (I slept on the bench that night).

Okay, back to the Halloween party itself. The preparation was excellent. The scientist team has been prepared a lot of things. The costume was astonishing (in a scary way). Even they made a note as a teaser and put it on the door of the trainees' workroom. And they updated it every day! As an answer to the teaser, we tried our best to prepare the costume and we put our note too so they couldn't see our works. Yes, we made voodoo dolls of the scientist team. It should be 9, but we only managed to make 5 of them.

The teaser note on the door
The updated version of the teaser note and our answer.
The voodoo dolls.
Salute to them. They're all out with the costumes and makeup. And here is one of their preparation photos.

Sasha and Kira was puting the make up on Dima.
So, around 7.30 PM Tatyana and Sergey brought us to the Geological Lab. When we entered the lab, it was quite dark. Only lights from the small lamps on the wall guided us to our chairs. We saw someone was sitting on the chair with his (or her[?], we're still not sure) head wrapped up and the hands were tied up to the chair. After we sat, Sergey untied the straps and opened the bag from the head. It was Dima. Laughing like Joker. We're shocked by his laugh.

And it's just the beginning. But I forget the order, but more scary things were coming. Kira with its Japanese ghost costume (gave me goosebumps), Vladimir with the crazy operation doctor's costume and his handpieces (it was gross!), Anatoliy with its psychopath costumes (yes, like in the movie), and Sasha with its mummy costumes (same as my costumes, but scarier). The scariest among them was, of course, Yuriy. The timing was just so right. We're all shocked. And the makeup was just perfect.

Yuriy's head!!!
Kira was just very deep with her acting (right-bottom).
Another picture after the scariest scene.

Okay, that's it. It was my first Halloween party, and I was impressed with everything. One of the best moments. See you on the next post!

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